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Hard Training Club is dedicated to helping reach your fitness goals. We offer a wide range of fitness programs for all fitness levels. Our programs are carefully designed by professional trainers to help you get maximum results.


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Dynamic Boxing  Series- Ready, Set, Fight the boxing boot camp is one of our premiere programs.  Train like the pros do. Many fitness levels can benefit from this class from the football player who wants to stay in shape during the off season to the stay at home soccer mom who wants to drop a few pounds for the summer. There something for everyone!  >> Read More


Marshall Mayhem- This boot camp style class is an all out 800-1000 calorie burning workout designed to challenge each participant to push past their limits. It consists of intense cardiovascular fitness regimen, weight training, circuit training plyometrics. Giving your best throughout this workout will result in you losing weight faster and obtaining that strong sleek look you have been seeking.


Train For SportsTrain For Sport is a strength training and conditioning class that helps you rekindle that athletic flame and train like the athletes do.  A series of sports specific training exercises that are sure to take you to your optimal performance goals.


Street Smarts Self-Defense ProgramThis class covers situational awareness to prevent attacks from happening as well as physical self defense techniques, hand to hand combat and weapon defense that are all drawn from a variety of martial arts.  This is a progressive class as the techniques are taught in stages, from beginner to advance.


Youth Boot Camps- With the summer fast approaching our youth boot camps  can be a great thing to add to your child’s summer schedule. In these programs our main focus is educating and instilling a healthy lifestyle to the communities youth with fun exciting activities. These activities will include boxing, weight and resistance training, and a wide range of outdoor activities. The educational component will include some nutritional advice to enlighten them on the benefits of having a healthy diet.


HTC 6-Week Body Transformation Program-In this program you learn the correct amount of calories needed to achieve your fitness goals. You will also learn how to calculate the correct amount of macro-nutrients to help sustain energy and increase FAT LOSS! Recipes and guidance on healthier food options will be included. Program starts with a one hour assessment and six consecutive 15-min follow up sessions to track your progress.


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